01 October 2008

For the Head of the House of Romanoff, the Decision to Rehabilitate Nicholas II Demonstrates that Russia is Governed by the Rule of Law

1 October

The decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to rehabilitate Nicholas II and members of his family affirms that Russia is governed by the rule of law, according to the head of the House of Romanoff.

“The Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna received the news about the rehabilitation of Nicholas II and his family with enormous joy and satisfaction,” the director of the Chancellery of the Imperial House, Alexander Zakatov, told Interfax on Wednesday.

In his words, the grand duchess “is proud of her country inasmuch as all these years she has been convinced that the question of the rehabilitation would be decided in the affirmative and in Russia.”

The Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna noted that the positive decision of the question, despite the lengthy and stubborn resistance of certain political elements, gives proof of the reestablishment of law and justice in Russia.

The director of the Chancellery of the Russian Imperial House quoted the grand duchess as saying that “Russia is a land of laws, and whatever had been the false understanding of the political aspects of this case cannot hinder the outcome of the law.”

According to A. Zakatov, “Indeed this ruling has enormous consequences for modern day life in Russia because it strengthens the rule of law and reestablishes the historical continuity of the current Russian state with its thousand years of traditions.”

He noted that representatives of the Church have more that once spoken out about the need for the state to take steps which would condemn the murderer of the family of the last Russian emperor and in so doing establish justice.

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