Decree of Emperor Kirill I on Titles for the Morganatic Wives of Members of the Imperial House and their Posterity, 15/28 July 1935.

In order to establish the position of wives of Members of the Imperial House in cases of unequal marriage and the position of the issue of such marriages, I have established the following rule as an addendum and supplement to the Statute on the Imperial Family:

The wives and children of Members of the Imperial House in cases of unequal but lawful marriages (see Articles 134 and 183, Section II, of the Fundamental Laws) will receive the title and surname of Princes Romanovsky with the hyphenated maiden surname of the wife of the said Member of the Imperial House or a hyphenated surname granted by the Head of the Imperial House of Russia, and the style Serene Highness for the wife and the senior line of descent in her issue.

May these marriages lay the foundation for new Russian princely families, enjoying a blood relationship with the Imperial House of Russia and, by virtue of this relationship, may they always be its trusted supporters.

Issued at Saint-Briac on 28 July 1935.

(The original is signed in His Imperial Majesty’s own hand:)


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