Decree of Emperor Alexander III, which was attached to the New Statute on the Imperial Family, Confirmed on 2 July 1886.

Having established a firm order of succession to the Throne, Our Great-Grandfather, Emperor Paul Petrovich, of blessed memory, confirmed on 5 April 1797, a Statute on the Imperial Family, in accordance with the then prevailing situation of the Empire and composition of the Imperial issue, which guaranteed an uninterrupted succession to the Throne. The growth of the Imperial family which since that time has, by the Grace of God, been continuing, serves as a sure guarantee to Our Fatherland of legitimate succession to the Imperial Power into the future. Deeming it right, in accordance with the present position of the Empire and composition of Our Family, to make certain changes in the Statute of 5 April 1797 in accordance with directives which We have issued, We have entrusted this task to a Special Commission under the chairmanship of Our Beloved Brother, Grand Duke Wladimir Alexandrovich. Now, after examining the Statute drawn up by this Commission and finding it to be in full accord with Our wishes to establish regulations which for all time and for all members of Our Family determine the dignity belonging to each one of them, We command that this Statute should be enacted.

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