19 April 2020

2020-04-19 CHRIST IS RISEN!

The Head of the Imperial House of Russia, H.I.H. The Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, and her son and heir, H.I.H. The Tsesarevich and Grand Duke George of Russia, extend their warmest greetings to their countrymen on the Bright Feast of the Resurrection of Christ, and thank all those who have sent them Paschal greetings.


Their Imperial Highnesses are saddened deeply that the spread of the coronavirus has required government authorities to impose restrictions on laity attending the Divine Services, especially during Holy Week and Pascha.  They urge all of the faithful flock of the Russian Orthodox Church to accept and understand the reasons for these measures, and, most importantly, to have confidence in the instructions issued by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and the entire Hierarchy of the Church, who are guided in these decisions solely by concern for the flock entrusted to them by God.  


In former times, our ancestors had to live through even more deadly epidemics and resort to similarly harsh and difficult restrictions on their lives.  But the holy ascetics of the Russian Land, its pious rulers, and other prominent leaders of our homeland taught us through word and example to avoid despair and fear, to remain calm and rational, to be mindful of our own needs and of those around us, and above all not to tempt the Lord, but to try in all things to fulfill His commandments, even in the circumstances we find ourselves in today, for all things happen according to His will.


The Grand Duchess Maria of Russia and the Tsesarevich and Grand Duke George of Russia fervently pray that the Risen Lord, the Saviour Jesus Christ, will grant us strength of body and spirit, and will enable us to pass through these trials, preserving and multiplying our Faith, Hope, and Love.

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