22 May 2014

The House of Romanoff reproaches Prince Charles for his Putin remark

The Russian Imperial House of Romanoff strongly reproaches the Prince of Wales for his statement that Vladimir Putin is behaving like Adolf Hitler. According to the Director of the Chancellery of the Russian Imperial House, such statements are contrary to the very nature of monarchy and can be called nothing other than pure demagoguery…

The Prince of Wales during a visit to Canada compared the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to the leader of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler.

In a private conversation with Marianne Ferguson, who lost her relatives during the Holocaust and was giving Prince Charles a tour of the Museum of Immigration in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the British heir offered his view on Russia’s policy toward Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. The Prince of Wales said “and now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler.”

Marianne Ferguson confirmed the substance of the quote to the BBC.

“He asked when I came to Canada. I told him 1939. He said that now Putin is doing several things now like Hitler once did,” Ferguson told a BBC correspondent.

The Directory of the Chancellery of the Russian Imperial House, Alexander Zakatov, took great exception to the statements by the Prince of Wales.

“It is very unfortunate that His Royal Highness spoke in this way,” said Zakatov. “Obviously, in the very limited monarchy of Great Britain, members of the Royal Family become hostages to the policies of politicians that are extremely undesirable and are contrary to the very nature of monarchy, because the monarch should be neutral from political parties and party politics. The monarch must be very restrained. Prince Charles is the future king, of course. He does not now reign and so he has more freedom to speak his own mind, but he, as first in line in the British succession, should have been more measured in his comments,” the Director of the Chancellery of the Russian Imperial House of Romanoff said.

“I cannot judge the matter from the British point of view,” said Zakatov. “Perhaps, members of the Royal Family believe that he by these words is helping his country and, perhaps, he is under someone’s influence. But when the Head of the House of Romanoff, the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, was asked her view on the situation in Crimea (and she lives presently in Spain, a nation that is part of the European Union), the Grand Duchess did not simply give an opinion from the perspective of a Russian; she presented facts.”

“It’s as simple as anything to compare someone today with the negative, odious personalities from the past. But you raise arguments, you show that you know the history, and when you are basing your case on facts, then you can make statements based on them. And if you are able to prove a thing, your position can be examined and, if not wholly accepted, it can at the very least be respected for its argumentation,” Zakatov said.

“The Grand Duchess explained that Crimea had always been a part of Russia, and why it was a tragic mistake of the 20th century that it suddenly found itself outside of Russia. And now a historic wrong has been addressed, something that the vast majority of the people of Crimea approved of. Moreover, Grand Duchess Maria of Russia stated her position very gently, though, nevertheless, very logically. But what Prince Charles said verged on demagoguery,” said Alexander Zakatov, Director of the Chancellery of the Russian Imperial House.

For the original article (in Russian), see: http://nsn.fm/2014/05/22/dom-romanovy-h-zastupilsya-za- putina-i-osudil-printsa-charl-za/

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