A Declaration by the Senior Members of the Imperial House of Russia on the Assumption by Grand Duke Wladimir Kirillovich of the Rights and Duties of Emperor of All the Russias, 11/24 October 1938.

We, Members of the Imperial House of Russia, having assembled after the demise of the Head of our House, Grand Duke Kirill Wladimirovich, consider it to be our most sacred duty to declare solemnly that the rights of each of the Members of the Imperial House of Russia are precisely defined by the Fundamental State Laws of the Russian Empire and by the Statute on the Imperial Family and are well known to all of us and that we have all committed ourselves by a special oath to observe them, so that the question of the order of succession to the Throne has never aroused in our midst the slightest doubts, still less differences of opinion. We reject any deviation from the order established by law as an infringement on the stability of our laws and family regulations.

By virtue of the aforesaid laws, we recognize that the succession to the Throne belongs by right, in order of primogeniture, in the first place to the senior Member of the Imperial House of Russia, Grand Duke Wladimir Kirillovich, who, profoundly aware of the sacred duty incumbent upon him, has accepted the Supreme authority of the Head of the Russian Imperial House to which he has succeeded by inheritance, after the demise of his Father on 29 September/12 October 1938, and all the rights and duties which belong to him by virtue of the Fundamental State Laws of the Russian Empire and the Statute on the Imperial Family.

After Him, the order of succession to the Throne by the rule of primogeniture, proceeds to the following Members of the Imperial House:

Grand Duke Boris Wladimirovich,

Grand Duke Andrei Wladimirovich,

Grand Duke Dmitrii Pavlovich,

Prince Vsevolod Ioannovich,

Prince Gavriil Konstantinovich,

Prince Georgii Konstantinovich,

Prince Roman Petrovich,

Prince Andrei Alexandrovich,

Prince Fedor Alexandrovich,

Prince Nikita Alexandrovich,

Prince Dmitrii Alexandrovich,

Prince Rostislav Alexandrovich,

Prince Vasiliy Alexandrovich.







11/24 October 1938

(The signatures are those of the Grand Dukes Boris Wladimirovich, Andrei Wladimirovich, and Dmitrii Pavlovich; and Prince—subsequently, Grand Duke—Gavriil Konstantinovich, and Prince Vsevolod Ioannovich, who were present at the meeting. After the Head of the House, the Grand Duke Wladimir, They were the five most senior members of the Russian Imperial House.)

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