14 March 2018

The Head of the House of Romanoff Congratulates the Residents of the Ryazan Region on the 240th Anniversary of Founding of the Pereyaslavl-Ryazan Province



From the Head of the Imperial House of Russia,
H.I.H. the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia,
On the 240th Anniversary of the Founding of the Ryazan Province (today, the Ryazan Region)



Dear residents of the Ryazan and the Ryazan Region,

Two-hundred forty years ago, my ancestor, Empress Catherine the Great, as part of a general reform of the internal governmental structure of the Empire, issued a decree on February 28, 1778 (old style), establishing the Pereyaslavl-Ryazan Governorate.  Later that same year, on August 24 (old style), she re-designated it, and all governorates, a province:  the Ryazan Province.

The history of the ancient Ryazan principality fills many pages of the glorious history of our nation.  Both as an independent principality and later, in the sixteenth century, when it became part of the unified Russian State, the Ryazan principality long served as an outpost of the Russian land, the first defender against invaders and its people always maintaining their honor and courage in the face of these threats.

As Russia’s borders expanded, the role of the Ryazan principality as an outpost of the Russian land came to an end, and, as a result, the significance of Ryazan and its surrounding territories for a time diminished.

The Provincial reforms of 1775 and other related legislation by the Imperial government provided a fresh impetus to develop the region around the city of Ryazan.

In 1929, the Ryazan Province was abolished, but later it was reestablished as the “Ryazan Region.”

At each and every stage of its historical development, the people of Ryazan and its environs made an invaluable contribution to the development of the Russian state, the strengthening of its defenses, and the flowering of its culture and science.

May the celebration of the 240th anniversary of the founding of the Ryazan Province serve as a grateful tribute to the memory of our ancestors, and may their example inspire us to new achievements in the present and in the future.

From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you all on this significant anniversary, and I wish you all good health, joy, much future success in the development of your region and in service to our country, and strength of spirit in overcoming any and all challenges that you may face.

My son and heir, Grand Duke George of Russia, joins me in sending these heartfelt congratulations to you all.

May God bless you!

H.I.H. the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia

28/March 13, 2018

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