05 February 2016

The House of Romanoff, the Nobility, and the Orders of Chivalry of the Russian Empire

The House of Romanoff, the Nobility, and the Orders of Chivalry of the Russian Empire

A Statement from the Chancellery of Head of the Russian Imperial House Clarifying the Status and Historical Rights of the Russian Imperial House of Romanoff and the Status Today of their Historical Institutions

Statements from some public figures have appeared in the media from recently questioning the status of the legitimate Heads of the Russian Imperial House and their historical rights. These statements are inconsistent with the reality of the present situation, with dynastic laws, with historical truth and logic, and are based either on ignorance or on bias and ill will, and, in either case, only serve to mislead the public.

The Chancellery of the Head of the Russian Imperial House would like to convey to all who have an interested in, or are otherwise concerned with, these matters of the following list of Frequently Asked Questions, which includes information on the status of the Russian Imperial House, its historical rights, and the status today of its historical institutions.

What is the legal status of the Imperial dynasty be characterized today, after it was removed from power by the Revolution?

Royal families, including those deposed as a result of revolutions, nonetheless retain their inherent status as historical institutions, that is, family corporate entities that have indisputable continuity from the time of their first appearance in history and that operate according to their own internal historical laws.

Like Church canon law, which regulates the life of the Church and its membership regardless of any political changes that might take place in society at large, dynastic law continues to operate in the religious, legal, social, and cultural spheres, which are governed by traditionalist ideas and principles.

Did the Russian Imperial House of Romanoff survive the Revolution of 1917 and the executions of the Imperial Family? Is there a legitimate Head of the House of Romanoff today?

The Russian Imperial House of Romanoff was called to the throne by the Assembly of the Land of 1613 because of its close kinship ties through the female line with the extinct Riurikovich dynasty, and it ruled Russia from then until 1917. Before the Revolution, the Russian Imperial House was a family that had the status of a state institution, and the sovereign of Russia came from this family in accordance with a legally prescribed order of succession.

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