03 April 2014

The Head of the House of Romanoff Awards the Imperial Order of St. Anna to the Legendary Actor, Vladimir Zeldin

The Head of the House of Romanoff Awards the Imperial Order of St. Anna to the Legendary Actor, Vladimir Zeldin

In a Decree issued on March 13, 2014—the birthday of H.I.H. the Heir, Tsesarevich, and Grand Duke George of Russia—the Head of the Russian Imperial House, H.I.H. Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, awarded the Imperial Order of St. Anna to the legendary Russian actor, Vladimir Mikhailovich Zeldin.

The insignia of the Order and the Imperial “Commemorative Medal of the 400th Anniversary of the House of Romanoff” was presented to the 99-year-old actor by the Director of H.I.H.’s Chancellery, Alexander N. Zakatov, and by the Master of Heraldry and Head of the Office of Heraldry of the H.I.H.’s Chancellery, Stanislaw D. Dumin. The presentation took place on the stage of the Theater of the Russian Army after a performance of Dances with the Teacher, the main role in which was played by Vladimir Zeldin.

In a short speech just before the presentation of the Order, the Director of the Chancellery of the Head of the Russian Imperial House noted that, in addition to his significance to Russian arts, V. M. Zeldin was one of many whose lives have come to symbolize the connection between three historical epochs—the centuries-long period before the revolution; the tragic 20th century with all its revolutions, wars, and turmoil; and the recent history of Russia, in which he has taken an active and vivacious part.

In his response, Vladimir Zeldin spoke movingly of his contributions to art, and of the continuity of Russian history. He thanked Grand Duchess Maria of Russia and expressed his eagerness to help in any way he could the social, cultural, and educational work of the Russian Imperial House.

Vladimir Zeldin was born on February 10, 1915, in the city of Kozlov in Tambov province. He is famous in Russia and around the world for his brilliant performances in numerous roles in both theater and film.

Vladimir Zeldin is currently the oldest living National Artist of the USSR and the one of the oldest active performers in the world.

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