07 June 2022

2022-06-07 The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearer Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

June 7, 2022 (May 25 according to the Julian Calendar—the Feast Day of the Third Finding of the Head of St. John, the Holy Prophet, Forerunner and Baptiser of the Lord) is the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearer Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (née Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt) (1872), the spouse of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearer Emperor Nicholas II, and the daughter of Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse-Darmstadt and Grand Duchess Alice (née Princess of the Great Britain and Ireland) (May 25/(6)7 June, 1872 – July 4/17, 1918).

O God-crowned martyr, Holy Empress Alexandra, who can truly describe Thy life in the Gospel? Thou camest from Heterodoxy to Orthodoxy, which Thou accepted with all Thy heart, having loved prayer, the Church, and the holy mysteries, as also the teachings of the Holy Fathers, and Thou hast raised Thy children in piety and prepared them for martyrdom for Christ, bearing meekly the slurs of those who have forgotten God and who do not comprehend Thy profound piety; therefore we pray Thee, beseeching Thee to pray to Christ God, who has loved you, that He save our souls.


Thy great faith, O holy martyr Tsaritsa Alexandra, who was placed by the godless in bitter captivity, and who expected a martyr’s death, Thou saidest thusly: I have prepared myself for meeting the heavenly Bridegroom, God filleth and illumineth my soul with inexpressible joy and peace, my soul sings, knowing that the Bridegroom draws near, my soul trembles that God is so near, and we ask the Lord for the forgiveness of my sins and the sins of the world, and we pray for those do not pray and for all people; pray then too for the remission of our sins, O holy martyr, and for God’s great mercy upon us.

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