30 October 2021

2021-10-30 Birthday Congratulations to G. Iu. Lukianov on his 60th Birthday

The Head of the Russian Imperial House congratulates the attorney G. Iu. Lukianov, the head of the Office of Legal Affairs in the Her Imperial Highness’s Chancellery. He turned 60 years old.


On 30 October 2021, the head of the Legal Affairs Office in the Chancellery of the Head of the Imperial House or Russia, attorney G. Iu. Lukianov, turned 60 years old.


H.I.H. The Grand Duchess Maria of Russia has sent German Iurievich a Congratulatory Rescript to mark the occasion.


All members of the Her Imperial Highness’s Chancellery join the Grand Duchess in extending their warmest congratulations to G. Iu. Lukianov and wish him health, happiness, and continued successes in his service to the Imperial House for many years to come!

The text of the Congratulatory Rescript:



To the Head of the Office of Legal Affairs of Our Own Chancellery, Attorney G. Iu. Lukianov


Dear German Iurievich!


I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on your 60th birthday!


I deeply appreciate your highly professional and selfless service to Our House over so many years. I especially wish to note your efforts to defend the historical truth about the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers and the other innumerable victims of political repression, and your diligent and zealous legal work to safeguard and advance the activities of Our Chancellery and other institutions and organizations, which helps us to fulfill our mission.


I therefore am very pleased to award you the Imperial and Royal Order of the White Eagle.


I wish you good health, strength of spirit, and God’s help in all your endeavors.


Yours very truly and sincerely,


[The original is signed in Her Imperial Highness’s own hand:]




H.I.H. The Grand Duchess Maria of Russia

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